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For your Multi-bet to qualify for the ‘Hit the Longest Winning Multi-bet’ and Win an Urban Cruiser Promotion;

  1. Place a multi-bet of a minimum 4 games.
  2. The minimum stake on your Multi-bet must be Ksh 50.
  3. Each qualifying prediction in your multi-bet must have minimum odds of 1.35. If your multi-bet contains some predictions with odds less than 1.35, those specific predictions will not be counted while finding which player has the longest winning multi-bet.
  4. The winner of the Promotion is one participant who will have won a Multi-bet with the most matches; “The Longest Winning Multi-bet slip.” This means the multi-bet must be won in-order to qualify for the promotion.
  5. If a sporting event in your multi-bet is canceled for any reason, odds of 1 are calculated for that event, but the multi-bet still participates in the prize game, but that sporting event is not taken into account for calculation.
  6. In the event that the kick-off of a sporting event is postponed, the ticket still participates in the promotion, but will wait a maximum of 50 hours to confirm the outcome of the event.
  7. In case two or more players have the same number of won Multi-bet matches and meets all the other conditions, the winner of the promotion will be determined in the following priority order:
  • The winning multi-bet with the most matches containing minimum odds equal to or over 1.35.
  • In case there is a tie on the most won matches in the bet slip, the participant who placed their bet first according to time will have the advantage.
  • In the unlikely event there is a tie on the most won matches in the bet slip, and also a tie on the participant who placed their bet first according to time, then a Live draw will be conducted.

8. All events on the Bet-slip must be sports events (results of individual or group sports events, a certain event during a sports competition, etc.)

9. Live Bet tickets do not qualify. The bet-slip may contain matches with Bonus odds.

10. The beginning of all sports events on the ticket must not be earlier than 00:01, October 1st, 2021. Otherwise, the ticket is not taken into account. I.e. It does not meet the conditions for participation in the prize game.

11. At the end of the promotion Mozzart Bet shall also reward other Top 10 Multi-bet winners with Betting Bonuses. From number 2 t0 10 each shall receive, Ksh 200,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 100,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 50,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 30,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 30,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 20,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 20,000 Betting Bonus, Ksh 10,000 Betting Bonus, & Ksh 10,000 Betting Bonus respectively.

Good luck 🙂

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