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Mozzart Daily Jackpot: BONUSES

The Mozzart bet Super Daily Jackpot competition consists of predicting the final results of 13 football matches selected in advance by Mozzart bet. The minimum and maximum number of pairs in the ticket is 13. Participants in this competition are...

Promotion rules for Pragmatic’s ‘The Edge of space’

This promotion runs from October 8th, 10:00 am to December 10th, 11:59 PM CEST  The promoter is the Pragmatic Casino provider and all players registered on have an opportunity to participate in the promotion.  The Network Promotion...

Mozzart super Lucky 6 Banner

Mozzart Lucky Super 6

RIDE YOUR LUCK WITH SIX NUMBERS Betting 6/48 offers 48 numbers, for you to chose 6 of them, all different ones. During each round, 35 numbers are drawn randomly out of the offered 48. If your 6 numbers are among these 35 drawn, you will win the sum...