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Mozzart Refund CASH BACK

    Have you ever lost a potential big WIN just because of one match? Lose ONE game, get your CASH BACK   Mozzart Refund gives you an opportunity to WIN in the event that a predicted outcome disappoints you. Place a multi-bet of a...

Mozzart Lucky Super 6

RIDE YOUR LUCK WITH SIX NUMBERS Betting 6/48 offers 48 numbers, for you to chose 6 of them, all different ones. During each round, 35 numbers are drawn randomly out of the offered 48. If your 6 numbers are among these 35 drawn, you will win the sum...

Mozzart SMS Betting banner


PLAY VIA SMS Register via SMS  To register via SMS, follow our easy steps:  Step 1  To register via SMS, send the word ‘WIN’ to 29990. You shall receive your secret PIN CODE, a PASSWORD and our M-Pesa Paybill number from Mozzart Bet Kenya SMS number...