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Mozzart Daily Jackpot: BONUSES

  • The Mozzart bet Super Daily Jackpot competition consists of predicting the final results of 13 football matches selected in advance by Mozzart bet.
  • The minimum and maximum number of pairs in the ticket is 13.
  • Participants in this competition are obliged to pay tickets before the start of the first match in order to qualify themselves for Mozzart bet Super Daily Jackpot.
  • The stake in Mozzart bet Super Daily Jackpot is fixed and amounts to 50,00 KES, while the maximum amount of winning that may be paid out to a bettor is 10,000,000.00 KES.
  • The Mozzart Daily Jackpot Payout of Ksh 10,000,000 is not to be divided among winners. If there is more than one winning ticket in a single round, each winning ticket will be paid out the sum of 10 Million.


  • 12 correct predictions – 100,000 ksh
  • 11 correct predictions – 10,000 ksh
  • 10 correct predictions – 1,000 ksh
  • 9 correct predictions – 500 ksh
  • 8 correct predictions – 50 ksh
  • 0 (all missed) – 1,000 ksh

NOTE: Mozzart Jackpot bonuses are also not divided among bonus winners, if there is for example more than one ticket with 12 Correct predictions, each ticket will be paid out the bonus sum of Ksh 100,000.




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