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All you need to know about betting on Fantasy EPL

How to bet on Fantasy Premier League: The popularity of Fantasy Premier League shows no sign of waning so it was perhaps inevitable that Mozzart Bet will bring the opportunities closer to you..

In this article we will look at the types of wagers that you might be able to place, where you can place such wagers and how you can improve your chances of making a profit from your bets. In future Mozzart might be able to provide all these types of wagers.

Types of bets

Fantasy Head 2 Head Matchups

This is where two players oppose each other in a matchup (or game) and ‘money line’ odds are offered about each participant scoring more fantasy points than his rival. So, for example, a game week matchup might feature Mo Salah versus Sergio Aguero. If the latter goes on to accumulate the most points then bets on Aguero will be graded as winning bets while bets on Salah would be losers. If both players hit the same score then bets are settled as a ‘push’ (money returned to the punter).

However, it is not just the money line that might be available. A handicap such as Salah (-1.5 points) might also be offered. In this scenario, Salah would have to score at least 2 points more than Aguero, otherwise bets placed on Aguero (+1.5) would be deemed winners.

The total number of points gained by both players might also be offered as an Over/Under (e.g. Over/Under 14.5 points) in addition to lines for each individual player, sometimes referred to as team totals (e.g. Salah Over/Under 8.5 points, Aguero Over/Under 7.5 points). In these instances, bets can be placed on any of the various outcomes.


Rather than just focusing on two players, outright markets will list a group of players. A good example would be ‘Highest scoring defender in Gameweek 6’.

Not every defender will be listed of course, so bets will be settled according to points scored by the players that are in the group offered. If two or more accrue the same number of points then dead heat rules will come into play with the stake being split accordingly.

Prop bets/Exotics 

Wagers don’t necessarily have to be restricted to a single gameweek either. At the start of the season, you could wager on the number of times that Aubameyang for example would hit maximum bonus points, while the number of dream team appearances Sadio Mane or any offered player might featured in the markets.

Where can you bet on Fantasy Premier League?

Only at Mozzart!

(Note: It is not possible to link interdependent events, such as judging a player from the same team in a match, or a player and a match in which he participates (e.g Kane scores a goal and any game in a Tottenham match.) If the player on offer is not a starter odds will be calculated as 1. The “Bonus points system” used on the official website is not included in the scoring. All results are governed by the official website

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