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Free Spins promotion from December 04 to December 05 (Quest For Free Spins)

Promotion conditions:

1.All players registered on the Mozzart Bet site participate in the promotion.

2. The promotion starts on December 04 at 00.00 and will last until December 05 until 23.59. The promotion is divided into two phases. The first phase of the promotion starts on December 4 at 00:00 and ends on December 4 at 23:59. The second phase of the promotion starts on December 5 at 00:00 and ends on December 5 at 23:59. The total prize pool is 2000 free spins.

3.The games Star Pirates Code, John Hunter and the Quest for Bermuda Riches participate in the promotion. The 50 players who have the highest amount spent on these two games have the opportunity to win 1,000 free spins divided in the following order:

November 4 –  1 to 50 places – 20 Free spins

November  5 – 1 to 50 places – 20 Free spins

4.On the last day of the competition, the 100 players who are the most successful according to the defined criteria, in the next day will win spins on the WINNING SLOT! The winning slot is the one that has greater success among the players during the competition according to the defined criteria.

Example: The criterion is “the highest amount spent on the game“, the slot on which the highest amount spent is recorded by the end of the promotion is the winner and free spins will be awarded the next day. The 50 players who spent the highest amounts on the defined games during the promotion (regardless of which slot), receive free spins according to the defined criteria from point 3 on the WINNING SLOT.

A player can win one prize during the promotion

All winnings from the promotion are available for play.

  1. Bonuses cannot be exchanged or transferred.
  2. The list of award winners will be published on 06.12. on our promo page.
  3. Mozzart reserves the right to terminate the promotion or change the rules at any time.


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