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Roll The Dices Win Instant Prizes

Be among the 20 most successful who will achieve the highest odds at the instant games Roll the Dice, Lucky Crumbling & Mysteries of the East provider Evoplay from Wednesday, December 15, to Sunday, December 19, and win a part of the prize of as much as 500 euros. Participate in the first of two actions that will take place in two weeks in December, take the best possible place on the ranking list and win instant cash!

Promotion rules:

The competition takes place in two stages, two weeks during December, from Wednesday from 00.01 hours to Sunday until 23.59 hours.

The total prize fund is 500 euros, or 250 euros per share.

The second promotion starts on December 15 and will last until December 19, and the games that participate in it are Roll the Dice, Lucky Crumbling & Mysteries of the East, provider Evoplay.

The minimum bet on games from the promotion during its duration must be 10 ksh in order for points to be counted.

The prize pool is shared by 20 players, as follows:

1st place 70 euros

2nd place 40 euros

3rd place 20 euros

From the 4th to the 10th position – 10 euros

From 11th to 20th position – 5 euros

The criterion for ranking in the table is: THE SUM OF WIN / BET COEFFICIENTS on games from the promotion for the duration of the promotion.

For example:

A player on a 10 ksh bet gets 55 ksh. Its coefficient is 55/10 = 5.5. That would also be his number of points.

The player then changes the bet to 20 ksh and gets 200 ksh. His coefficient would be 200/20 = 10 points in this case.

The total score on the table for this player would be 5.5 + 10 = 15.5 points.

Each subsequent win would be added to the total score according to the same principle: Win / Bet = no. points


Good luck!


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