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Participate in the global promotion of Evoplay, which will take place from January 25th to January 31st 2022, and win a part of the prize of a fantastic 7,000 euros!

A total of five games of this provider are participating in the promotion namely; Penalty Shoot-out, Wheel of Time, Book Of Keno, Roll To Luck, Bonanza Wheel. and the winner will be the player who wins the most points at the end of the promotion.

Even the first 100 players on the rankings will receive prizes, so get involved as soon as possible!

Show that you are the best, dominate on a global level!

The tournament starts on January 25 at 00.01 and runs until January 31st at 23.59.

The total prize fund is 7,000 euros and will be divided among the first 100 players who will have the best score on the ranking list.

The minimum deposit is 0.50 euros, in KSH equivalent.


Criterion: Sum of winnings

Example: If a player has a stake of KSH 100 and makes a profit of KSH 500 on that role, 500 would also be his number of points.

The player can change the bet to the amount of KSH 100 and make a profit of KSH 1000 on that role. Then his score would be 1000 points. The total number of points on the table for this player would be: 500 + 1000 = 1500 points.

Each additional win in the form of points is added to the sum of previous winnings, realized in the specified period in the games from the promotion. So, according to the principle: gain + gain = number of points. The winner is the player with the most points.

If it happens that several players have the same score at the end of the competition, the winner will be the one who reached that number of points first.

Prizes will be distributed in the following order:


First place = 1170e

Second place = 887e

Third place = 700e

Fourth place = 467e

Fifth place = 420e

Sixth place = 373e

Seventh place = 280e

Eighth place = 205e

Ninth place = 154e

From 10 to 19 = places 93e

From 20 to 49 = places 23e

From 50 to 100 = places 14e

You can be able to view the ranking list on the INSTANT GAMES that participate in this promotion.



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