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Congratulations to all who took part in the Black Friday Promotion on November 27th 2020. The rule was simple. Selecting lucky number 27 in your lucky number picks, and if your bet won, it was to automatically qualify for the promotion.

The bet slips with the highest winning odds on the day were to be rewarded. The top 10 ranked were rewarded with Prizes as follows:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A21
  2. Ksh 7000 Betting Bonus
  3. Ksh 3,500 Betting Bonus
  4. th-10th place Ksh 1,000 Betting Bonus

Winners list;

  1. OSCAR NJOROGE_0790***670 (96.2-odds)
  2. MIKE CHEYE_0741***322 (41.33-odds)
  3. FERDINAND MULWA_0706***828 (28.2-odds)
  4. SAMUEL NJENGA_0726***385 (28.2-odds)
  5. FERDINAND MULWA_0706***828 (19.4-odds)
  6. PHILEMON PSAWAR_0719***110 (16.2-odds)
  7. DICKSON MUNENE_0790***771 (13-odds)
  8. OSCAR AMBEHI_0792***337 (12.2-odds)
  9. DICKSON MUNENE_ 0790***771 (11.4-odds)
  10. IBRAHIM ABDI_0746***289 (9.8-odds)


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