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Friday, day for prizes!

Friday, Mozzart and numbers have proven to be a great combination countless times, and so it will be this time as well, because you have the opportunity to win SAMSUNG GALAXY A21. In order to achieve that, you will need to collect as many winning tickets as possible for My Number games and Lucky G.
Our offer in category My Number consists of 71 games, of which 5 are fast games (Greek keno (20/80), Italian 10 e (20/90), Polish keno (20/70), Hungarian putto (8/20) and Czech keno (12/60)).
All winning tickets of the players are converted into points, so that the 3 best tickets (the ones that bring the highest number of points) on that day are added up and represent number of points won. Points are calculated according to the formula (stake * quota-stake) * 2, whereby for each payment over 100 KES the payment is fixed at 100 KES.

Prizes are awarded for the first three places:

1. Prize – Samsung A21
2. Prize – 3,000 KES betting bonus
3. Prize – 1,000 KES betting bonus

The promotion is being held on December 11 from 00.01 to 23.59.

Pick Your Lucky Numbers!

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