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GREEK KENO – What’s your lucky number?

Greek Keno is one of our Lotto games where you have a chance to win up to Ksh 10,000,000 per draw.

You are required to choose a maximum of 8 lucky numbers ranging between 1-80. A draw of 20 numbers is conducted after every five minutes.

All the 8 numbers have odds. If you select numbers and are all drawn you earn against their respective odds as shown below;

  • 1 correct number-3.75
  • 2 correct numbers-14
  • 3 correct numbers-65
  • 4 correct numbers-275
  • 5 correct numbers-1350
  • 6 correct numbers-6500
  • 7 correct numbers-25000
  • 8 correct numbers-125000

Please note for this odds to apply you must pick the selections equivalent to the odds and they should all be drawn. For example, if you want to enjoy an odd of 275, you need to pick four numbers and hope that all the numbers will be drawn.


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